Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming

Overview of Dream Gaming Games Provider

Having emerged in recent years, Dream Gaming is a leading casino software provider in Singapore. It is renowned for its innovative technology, sophisticated setup, and skilled live dealers, providing players with a genuine casino experience. With its massive live dealer game library, it is evident that Dream Gaming is gaining a phenomenal reach among gamblers across Singapore.

While casinos give gamers a stressful and intense experience, Dream Gaming proves it wrong by letting gamers feel the Vegas thrill: the adrenalin rush soundtracks and eye-catching graphics sets coupled with an ultimate option for massive promotions.

The History of Dream Gaming

Established in 2017 in Thailand, the casino provider Dream Gaming has gone a long way. It would become a force to be reckoned with in the iGaming industry, offering an online betting experience with premium live games.

Dream Gaming benefits from the strong backing of established partners, such as 568Win, TC Gaming, and more. Leading software technologies are the foundation for many other online casinos, and Dream Gaming is no exception. It takes full advantage of these technologies to elevate their gameplay.

Evolving as Top Casino Provider in Asia

Since its launch in 2017, Dream Gaming has become an intense, prized gaming portal in the Asian market. To establish legitimacy, a casino should have a license from a recognised regulatory body to operate in different countries. Although Dream Gaming has its roots in Thailand, it is licensed in Cambodia. This is mainly because Cambodia is the centre for Asian casinos; therefore, there are many similar partnerships.

Solid partnerships with renowned institutions such as TC Gaming and 568Win drive the company’s success. Dream Gaming has been on the road to success and has carefully selected its partnerships to include fully established brands. Overall, it is a legit and safe gaming institution.

Besides, Dream Gaming’s mobile site is impressive with its repertoire of all-time favourites and new titles. It presented itself better than most and went one step further to offer an alluring web design that authentically fits the Asian culture. Considering all factors, the provider knows the impact of eye-catching designs and exciting audio effects to achieve a premium experience.

Varieties of Live Casino Games

When engaging with live dealers, Dream Gaming will welcome you to its live dealer section with gorgeous ladies in their oriental, ethnic attire. The gaming lobby would be lightning-fast and well-suited for gamers who prefer a fast-paced experience.

You can have a chance to encounter the providers’ top titles as you step towards the south. Dream Gaming casino deploys Thailand’s most trending Genting Crown Casino for filming live casinos to smoother the operation. It employs an RTG engine to give gamers a realistic gaming experience. Let’s explore the top titles from Dream Gaming.

  • Live Baccarat: One of Dream Gaming’s focuses is Baccarat, where they deliver an exhilarating experience with turbo-charged action that instantly ignites excitement. Betting on Baccarat brings the potential for wins and the thrill of success.
  • Live Sic Bo: Being the sole online dice title that can battle with other casino titles makes it a mystery game due to its unpredictable nature. Incorporating myriad betting options, Sic Bo is the only online craps game that can compete with other popular casino games, so don’t miss it. Since the game relies entirely on chance, gaining a decisive advantage is almost impossible.
  • Live Dragon Tiger: Dream Gaming offers players more than just baccarat variants. Switch to Dragon Tiger when you’ve had enough of the one-card game. The live dealer baccarat 2 card variant will keep you glued to the screen for hours. If you have ever played Baccarat, you will have no problem playing Dragon Tiger. The dragon and the tiger will be the cards drawn in this game.
  • Bullfighting: Bullfighting is a powerful flagship variant of NiuNiu, which means “bull” in Swahili. Like Baccarat, bullfights allow you to bet on the black or red bull. Various side bets offset the lack of double bets in the game. The focus is heavily on demo versions, as practice is vital with all table games.

Collaborations with Leading Online Casinos in Singapore

Dream Gaming is a leading gaming provider and developer with a presence in the gaming industry. It has established itself as a casino platform with popular brands like DON99, 96Ace, and SG catering to players across Asia.

Dream Gaming Singapore recently partnered with companies to further enhance its reputation as a casino software vendor. They prioritise meeting users’ needs by offering products and services that make accessing the casino platform easy. Moreover, this provider seamlessly integrates its offerings with the existing portals of its partners using API technology.


Dream Gaming has established itself as the leading software provider in Asia thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and authentic gaming experiences. With a range of games available at online casinos Singapore, Dream Gaming ensures that players have the opportunity to win big.

Its dedicated and passionate staff is committed to delivering top-notch products guaranteeing a top-tier gaming experience. Navigating through its casino portal is a breeze, with attention given to the details.

As a gamer, you’ll be delighted by the user interface that’s pleasing to the eye. Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Visit Singapore’s top casinos today. Enjoy all the incredible products offered by Dream Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dream Gaming?

Dream Gaming is a leading casino software studio specialising in live casinos. The provider provides a wide selection of live casino tables, directly streaming live-action from Thailand’s prestigious Genting Crown Casino. Dream Gaming takes pride in the aesthetic and professionalism of its numerous dealers, who execute the most sought-after casino table games in near real-time.

How does Dream Gaming enhance the live casino experience?

Dream Gaming live casino integration can be implemented seamlessly on existing platforms through a permission-granted API, providing 24/7 availability. Dream Gaming also enhances online live interaction by incorporating an Intelligent Control microphone for mobile applications for a more immersive experience.

What are some popular live casino games offered by Dream Gaming?

Dream Gaming has worked tirelessly for years to create a gaming experience with its casino games. Some of its high-quality, popular live casino games include Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Bullfight, Fried Golden Flower, and many others.