Top Sites for Esports Betting Singapore in 2024

With so many alternatives available to fans looking to place bets on their favourite gaming events, the esports betting market in Singapore is expected to develop even more.

Our experts have carefully analysed and collated the best betting sites for esports in Singapore available to bettors. When navigating this ever-changing world, this guide offers an easy-to-understand approach to assist you in making sound decisions.

We want to provide you with the necessary information to get the most out of esports betting Singapore, so we’ve concentrated on the most reliable online betting sites with the best esports odds and highlighted essential things to consider.

Regulation of Esports Betting in Singapore

The Singaporean government keeps a close eye on any activity of esports bets. Legislation that governs betting, casinos and online gambling is known as the Betting Act, the Common Gaming Houses Act, and the Remote Gambling Act.

Be aware that there are severe consequences for engaging in illegal esports betting in Singapore, including jail time and significant fines.

Thus, always go with a legitimate, licensed bookmaker and research the rules that apply to Singapore’s ever-changing esports betting industry to avoid legal trouble and promote responsible gambling.

Top 10 Esports Betting Singapore

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The Esports Industry in Singapore

Esports betting is a totally different activity from sports betting. Like the rest of the world, Singapore’s esports betting market has exploded in popularity. Esports bets is not betting on traditional sports but placed on various online games, including fan favourites like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The best esports betting sites listen to their customer’s needs by providing various markets with attractive odds. Esports betting in Singapore has been a haven for fans and gamblers because regulations have improved in recent years to protect players’ privacy and prevent match-fixing.

Popular Games for Esports Bet in Singapore

Bettors in Singapore have many options thanks to the ever-changing landscape of esports betting sites and the wide variety of games to wager on.

Dota 2

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) 2 is an exciting betting option because of its dynamic nature, which combines tactics, talent, and heart-pounding moments.

DotA 2 is a famous MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that has captured the attention of gamers and esports fans alike. In a competitive setting, two teams of five players choose their hero and engage in tactical combat to take down the other team’s Ancient. The game’s difficulty stems from the need for strategic planning, item combinations, and careful coordination among the playable heroes.

DotA 2 esports betting offers a wide variety of betting markets. The most frequent wager is on the match winner, in which you choose the prevailing side. First blood, map totals, and handicaps are additional wagering options.

Put in the time to study the odds, track individual and team stats, recognise when the meta evolves, and monitor your funds carefully. Team Secret and PSGLGD are always worth watching, as are other top squads and players like Nigma’s Miracle- and OG’s Topson.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The first-person shooter (FPS) game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a central focal point in esports betting.

Terrorists, whose goal is to set a bomb, and counter-terrorists, who aim to defuse the device or rescue the hostages, play off one another in a harmony of conflict in fierce battles. You may wager on the final score of a match, the winner of a particular map, the winner of a round, or even a single player’s performance in CS:GO.

Understanding team dynamics on specific maps, keeping tabs on prominent players, and evaluating overall team chemistry are crucial for placing intelligent wagers.

Astralis, lauded for their tactical acumen, and Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), led by s1mple, are two teams to watch. Prominent CS:GO players like Dev1ce (previously of Astralis); and ZywOo (of Team Vitality) often headline the competitive scene.

League of Legends

Esports betting regularly features League of Legends (LoL), a prominent multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. In a competitive gaming match, two teams of five players each battle to eliminate the opposing Nexus. Match outcomes, first blood, number of neutral objectives taken such as Baron Nashor or Dragons, and individual statistics are some of the many wagering options available.

Remember these suggestions for improved betting results. It’s essential to start with analysing team make-ups, drafts, and strategy since they all significantly impact the results of games. Next, keep tabs on how crucial players, especially those who often make disruptive plays, have been doing recently. Finally, familiarise yourself with the current meta, which will influence the game’s best strategy and champion selection.

A few standout teams and individuals are in the professional League of Legends landscape. For instance, DAMWON Gaming has garnered a reputation for its consistent and inventive tactics. T1, one of the most storied teams in League of Legends history, is dependably strong. Competitors like Faker, Keria (T1), and ShowMaker (DAMWON Gaming) are constant scene standouts and trendsetters.


Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is a first-person shooter with an exciting, novel esports betting environment. Two teams of six players each take on positions like “tank,” “damage dealer,” and “support hero” in professional Overwatch. Different maps have different main goals, such as capturing control points, escorting payload, or combining the two. You may wager on various outcomes, from the overall match to the victor of each map or even on a player’s stats.

Consider these Overwatch betting ideas for success. Check out the team’s chemistry, communication, and responsiveness to early game changes. Second, watch the hero meta since patch updates might impact hero availability. The versatility of a squad is boosted by members who can play as different heroes.

In the professional Overwatch landscape, the San Francisco Shock and the Philadelphia Fusion are two teams to watch due to their impressive rosters and varied playstyles. Players like Philadelphia Fusion’s Carpe and Shanghai Dragons’ Fleta are well-known in Overwatch esports betting because of their continuous high levels of play.


Another cornerstone of the booming esports betting market is FIFA, the iconic football video game series developed by EA Sports. Betting on FIFA esports is exciting because of the importance of players’ individual talent, team strategy, and in-game expertise.

In a standard FIFA esports tournament, players face off against one another, with each taking control of a separate squad and attempting to score more goals than their opponent. You may wager on the outcome of a match, your guess of the final score, and even in-game results, like who will score the game’s first goal.

Think about these suggestions for better esports betting on FIFA. To begin, look at how each player has fared recently to understand their present form and form. Second, keep up with the metagame and changing tactics inside the game since these factors impact the results of matches. Learning which teams players favour and what skills they possess might provide helpful information. Competent FIFA esports players can be found on teams like FaZe Clan and Team Vitality. Players like Fnatic Tekkz also routinely put up great showings.

Call of Duty

The first-person shooter series Call of Duty (CoD) is a significant player in the esports betting scene. Objective-based game types like Hardpoint and Search and Destroy are commonplace in competitive Call of Duty, with teams of four or five players competing against one another. Game winners, map results, and individual player statistics are all fair game for wagering in Call of Duty esports.

These pointers will help you become a top-tier Call of Duty esports bettor. The first thing to do when analysing teams in Call of Duty is to look at their tactics, comms, and flexibility. Second, keep an eye on how each player is doing, especially the ones who always seem to come through in the clutch. Finally, knowing how each team performs on each map can help you make smart wagers.

The Dallas Empire, with their impressive squad and strategic insight, and OpTic Gaming, a renowned brand in the Call of Duty esports industry, are two teams that fans should follow. Crimsix (Dallas Empire) and Scump (OpTic Gaming) are two players that stand out in the Call of Duty esports arena because of their constantly high level of play.

Tips for Better Esports Betting

To be successful at esports betting, you need to like the games, do a lot of research, make smart bets, and handle your money well. By following these tips and trying to get better, you’ll enjoy betting on esports more and have a better chance of winning in this ever-changing field.

Extensive Research Learn the esports teams, rosters, the players, and the ins and outs of the game. Know what patches and meta updates have recently been released. Learn the rules and formats of several tournaments.
Focusing on a Niche Pay close attention to only one or two games if you want to master them. Dissect the tactics, the assets, and the results of the team, the game, and its members.
Don’t Stop Learning Learn about new strategies as they emerge and any changes to the roster. Keep up with the latest happenings on teams and any meta changes.
Managing Your Funds Avoid chasing your losses by setting and sticking to a budget. Bet no more than 5% of your whole bankroll on any wager.
Comprehending Odds Learn what odds imply and how they may be used to make projections. Try to balance the potential risks and benefits while weighing the esports odds.
Gambling Responsibly Limit your losses and gains by keeping your emotions in check. You should know when to stop and regroup if things aren’t going as planned.
Live Betting Options Take advantage of in-play betting to act on game-specific information as it becomes available. Look for unexpected openings during games.
Controlling Emotions Don’t let your emotions get in the way of sticking to your betting strategy, whether you’re winning or losing.
Take Note of Your Bets Keep a log of your wagers, including the dates, games, and outcomes. Track your wins and losses to see if you have any betting tendencies.
Variability and Risk Realise that esports have risks and variations, just as in conventional sports. Prioritise long-term success above quick profits.
Get Advice From Experts Look to professionals, trusted sources, and online discussion groups for help. Check references and incorporate them into your study.
Evolve and Adapt Keep your betting notions flexible and adapt to the ever-evolving esports scene. Keep current on the newest games, squads, and tactics.
Check Out the Games Watch esports games to learn more about the teams and individuals in the industry. Think about this information when you’re betting.

Factors that Make the Best Esports Betting Site

Several vital considerations can help you choose the finest place to spend your time betting on esports in Singapore, assuring a safe and satisfying betting experience.

Esports Online Games Coverage

When looking for the best platform for esports betting in Singapore, coverage of games is of utmost importance. The breadth of available games allows for many betting options, satisfying the tastes of a broad spectrum of gamblers.

In addition, it shows that the sportsbook cares about keeping up with the rapidly developing esports scene so that you may bet on the most recent major tournaments and competitions. This wide range of coverage helps you make intelligent bets because you can keep up with the teams, players, and tactics across many games.

You’ll be more invested, learn more, and have a better chance of winning bets on an esports site that provides thorough coverage of the games.

Availability and Quality of Live Stream

The truth is that live streams and their reliability are essential for many bettors.

Thanks to live streaming, bettors may get valuable insights into the team’s condition, the form of specific players, and the state of play as it unfolds. Better wagering choices may be made thanks to higher-quality feeds with less buffering and clearer images.

The availability of live broadcasts indicates a site’s dedication to openness and credibility. Sites with dependable, high-quality live streams are preferable for esports betting since they allow you to make calculated, precise bets that improve your chances of winning.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile optimisation is necessary for any bettor to enjoy esports betting in Singapore. Mobile betting makes it possible to gamble on esports from any location and moment.

In the fast-paced world of live betting, this adaptability is vital. A mobile-friendly website or app reduces the likelihood of missing out on potential gains. It’s convenient for those who are always on the move, opening up the world of esports betting to more people.

An exciting and adaptable esports betting experience is impossible without mobile compatibility in today’s fast-paced industry.


We’ve outlined some of Singapore’s most important criteria for esports betting.

An exciting and profitable esports betting experience relies heavily on various factors, including complete game coverage, dependable streaming capabilities, and mobile device support. With these things in mind, you’ll be ready to start your betting adventure at a trusted online casino Singapore, learn as much as possible, and place smart bets. Betting on esports can be a thrilling experience; with the appropriate platform, you can increase your chances of winning.


What is eSports?

Esports refers to competitive video game activities that are planned and run by a professional organization.

Can you watch eSports matches while online betting?

Esports betting is possible while watching matches online, giving you access to in-the-moment data that may help you make smarter bets.

What are the most popular online games in Singapore?

League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO are among the most-played esports games in Singapore, all of which have active competitive communities.