Comparison Of Top Sports Betting Singapore Sites 2024

Are you looking for the best online sports betting Singapore sites for 2024? Look no further! Here is the comparison of the top-rated sports betting Singapore sites to help you make an informed decision. We will review each site’s features, bonuses, and customer service so that you can choose the best Singapore sportsbook for your preferences while online betting in Singapore. With the help of this ultimate guide, you can easily find the most suitable sports betting Singapore site for your needs. So let’s get started and take a look at the top online Singapore sports betting sites 2024.

History of Online Sports Betting in Singapore

Before the establishment of online betting in Singapore, wagering in sports was already a popular activity for Singaporeans. Thus, the Singapore government established two legalised betting operators which were the Singapore Turf Club (STC) and Singapore Pools. Singapore Turf Club was the operator that focused on horse racing and was operated as a government-owned organisation. Other than that, Singapore Pools focused on providing lottery and sports betting markets such as football and motor racing.

In 2009, both Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools were given approval to offer remote betting services via phone and the internet, allowing individuals to place bets without visiting their physical outlets. Singapore Pools also launched its online sports betting platform in 2010, providing greater convenience for Singaporean bettors.

Although there was restriction in participating remote gambling activities due to the Remote Gambling Act of 2014, online betting at Singapore betting sites was still a popular activity. The intention behind this act was to maintain strict control over gambling activities and protect individuals from the potential risks associated with online gambling. Thus, every Singaporean can still make their bets on online casino games via one of the best online betting sites including Singapore pools and other reputable online casinos in Singapore today. But, it is necessary to make sure that you are practising responsible gambling.

Best Singapore Sports Betting Sites 2024

There are a number of reputable real money betting sites that are highly recommended when it comes to Singapore online sports betting. These online sportsbook Singapore sites have a solid reputation for dependability, usability, and security. Let’s examine some of the top sports betting websites in Singapore for 2024 in more detail.

You may find great security measures, customer service, casino bonus offers, and other benefits at any Singapore sports betting site you pick. Before making any bets, make sure you do your research to select the site that best suits your needs.

Top 10 Sports Betting Singapore

Welcome Bonus:
Up To SGD300


Welcome Bonus:
Up To SGD288


Welcome Jackpot Bonus:
Up To SGD2880


Welcome Bonus:
Up To SGD2880


Top Bonus:
3 Choose 1 Combo
Up To SGD288


Starter Pack:
88 Free 88
Free Spins


Starter Pack:
50 Free 50
First Deposit


Welcome Bonus:
Up To SGD2550


Risk Free Bonus:
First Bet For Free


Starter Pack:
77 Free 77
Free Spins


Types Of Sports Betting Games Available

Online sports betting Singapore is a great way to enjoy your favourite sports and earn some extra money at the same time. The range of sports betting games available for Singaporean punters is vast, with bets on a variety of sports such as football, basketball, cricket and more. Here are some of the most popular betting markets available in an online casino Singapore.

Football Betting

Football betting has become one of the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore. Football betting allows punters to place wagers on the outcome of football matches, from international competitions such as the World Cup and European Championships including English Premier League, La Liga League to local games. Football betting is available on a variety of different platforms, from online betting sites to bookmaker shops.

When it comes to football betting, there are a few important factors that players need to consider before placing their wagers. Firstly, punters should always make sure to check the odds of each match before placing a wager. The odds will give an indication of the chances of a particular outcome occurring, and this can be very useful when trying to decide which bet to make. Punters should also be aware of any potential weather conditions or changes in form that could have an effect on the outcome of a game.

Basketball Betting

Basketball betting is a great way to make some extra cash while enjoying the exciting world of basketball. As with basketball betting, you can bet on the outcomes of matches or individual player performances. You can also bet on point spreads, over/under points, totals, and more.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a popular sport across many countries, and as such, it’s no surprise that cricket betting has become one of the most sought-after activities for sports bettors. Cricket betting allows bettors to place wagers on the outcome of cricket matches, either pre-match or in-play. Betting on cricket can be done in various forms, including match winner, highest run scorer, most sixes, etc.

Cricket betting offers bettors the chance to experience all the excitement and drama of this great sport in a safe and regulated environment. For those new to cricket betting, it can seem a little daunting at first but with some research and knowledge of the game, you will soon be able to make successful bets on cricket matches.

Esports Betting

Esports betting is becoming an increasingly popular form of online sports betting. It involves betting on the outcomes of professional video game competitions. As the popularity of esports grows, so does the number of online betting sites offering a wide range of markets and opportunities for gamers to place their bets.

When it comes to esports betting Singapore, there are plenty of options available to bettors. These include traditional betting markets such as winner, map winner, match duration, total kills, first blood, etc. There are also more creative markets like predicting which team will win the first three rounds, predicting how many kills a team will achieve in a single round, or even predicting whether or not a particular team will reach the playoffs.

Trusted Singapore Sportsbook Providers


Many online casinos utilise CMD368 since it is a reputable online gaming provider in the world. The platform provides a large selection of games, including slot machines, live casino games, sports betting, and other well-known casino games. Although CMD368 provides a lot of different selection of casino games, it became popular and well known because of online sports betting.

The user-friendly design makes it simple for gamers to explore the platform and enjoy their favourite games. The programme also provides a high degree of security and dependability. It makes sure that customers can enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about problems like fraud or data breaches. Overall, CMD368 is a well-known and reliable online gaming platform that gives users a rich and satisfying gaming experience. Regarding the sportsbook Singapore, CMD368 is the best game provider available for Singaporean punters.


M8bet is a betting site that provides consumers with a selection of sports and casino games to bet on. Numerous sports, including basketball, tennis, and football, are available for betting on the site. Additionally, users may view live broadcasts of numerous sporting events and engage in live betting.

The wide variety of games offered by M8bet Singapore is one of its standout qualities. The platform serves as a one-stop shop for all of your online gambling requirements by providing various online casino games including live casino games, sports betting, online slots, and other well-known casino games. The platform also provides opportunities for sports betting on a number of well-known sports, including basketball, tennis, and football.

Closer View to Top Sports Online Betting Sites

BK8 Singapore

BK8 online casino Singapore is an excellent option for sports bettors looking for a reliable, secure and user-friendly platform. Here, Singapore bettors can place bets on their favourite sports. The site offers a wide range of sports betting options and a great bonus and promotional offers. With its easy-to-navigate interface, BK8 makes it easy to browse through different sports betting options. You can place your bets quickly and securely. Moreover, BK8 has partnered with several major football clubs such as Crystal Palace F.C., Burnley F.C., and Huddersfield A.F.C. which further adds to the credibility of this Singapore sports betting site. Additionally, BK8 offers customers a free first bet and an instant 1% unlimited rebate. Well, it makes this platform a great choice for Singaporean punters.

On top of that, the customer support at BK8 is highly knowledgeable and helpful in addressing any queries or concerns you may have regarding their services. Furthermore, the online casino site provides information about the current odds and other statistics related to the sports being offered. Therefore, you can make informed decisions while placing bets. Finally, BK8 also employs high-level security measures including SSL encryption technology. It ensures that all transactions are safe and secure at all times. All these features make BK8 one of the top-rated online sports betting sites in Singapore for 2024.

Maxim88 Singapore

Maxim88 is one of the leading sportsbook Singapore sites for sports betting. It is renowned for its wide selection of events and betting options, as well as its secure and convenient platform. With Maxim88, sports fans from Singapore can enjoy betting on a variety of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, cricket, horse racing and more.

Aside from the wide selection of sports, Maxim88 also offers an amazing range of bonuses and promotions. It will help you maximise your profits. On top of that, they have a Guarantee Lucky Draw where you can win up to 1 million. You can get cashback worth SGD 8,888 on a weekly basis. This platform is Evolution Gaming’s exclusive partnership with a special Maxim88 Baccarat Table and Salon Prive Table. All these features make Maxim88 one of the best places for Singapore sports betting.

me88 Singapore

me88 is quickly becoming the go-to site for Singapore sports betting. The site is offering a wide range of options to choose from and a secure, easy-to-use platform. Players can take advantage of a 200% Conor McGregor Welcome Bonus, as well as a fast track to VIP status. The cash-out feature makes it easy to regret any bet placed in a soccer match. Moreover, the proud sponsorship of Namewee music videos gives players an added level of entertainment. me88 is quickly making its mark on the sportsbook Singapore market, with plenty of rewards and promotions for bettors to enjoy.

96m Singapore

Singapore is a great place for sports fans who are looking for a reliable and secure sportsbook to place their wagers. 96m is one of the top sports betting sites in Singapore too. It is indeed offering a wide variety of sports and events to bet on. This sportsbook Singapore offers an amazing selection of betting options such as football, basketball, tennis, and more.

96m online casino also have a variety of bonuses and promotions available to all their customers. You can take advantage of them to win big jackpots. Not only that, but they also provide fast and secure transactions to ensure your money is safe. Moreover, with their mobile app, you can access their online sportsbook anytime, anywhere in both ios and android. With 96m, you’ll get the ultimate experience when it comes to Singapore sports betting.

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is a Singaporean state-owned lottery and sports wagering organisation. The Ministry of Home Affairs regulates Singapore Pools, the only legitimate operator in Singapore, which was founded in 1968. Singapore pools provide a variety of sports wagering options, including football, auto racing, horse racing, and other sports. Singapore Pools strives to provide its customers with a secure and responsible gambling environment, and a portion of its proceeds are donated to various charitable organisations in Singapore. One of the issues for Singaporean players is there are no bonuses, promotions or free bets provided by the site.

Tips for Better Online Sports Betting in Singapore

Understanding the Betting Odds

For those new to sports betting, understanding how betting odds work is essential. Odds can be presented in different ways: American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds.

  • American odds might seem confusing, but they are centred around $100. For favoured bets with negative odds like -110, you’d need to bet $110 to win $100. Plus odds for underdog bets, like +200, mean a $100 bet would profit $200.
  • Fractional odds are displayed as fractions, such as 3-1 or 7-4. The numerator represents the profit, and the denominator, the bet amount. A $10 bet at 3-1 odds would profit $30.
  • Decimal odds are a single number, indicating the winning amount on a $1 bet. For example, odds of 6 mean a $5 profit on a winning $1 bet.

While American odds are common in the U.S., fractional and decimal odds are more widespread globally. Decimal odds simplify calculations, making them easier for many bettors, especially when dealing with less friendly fractional odds like 20-23. For example, a $10 bet at 1.87 decimal odds yields a return of $18.70, providing a simpler approach to calculations.

Smart Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management stands as a fundamental component of a successful betting strategy. Establishing and steadfastly following a predetermined budget for your betting projects is imperative. Resist the urge to chase losses or engage in wagers exceeding your financial comfort zone. To safeguard your bankroll, divide it into smaller units and refrain from concentrating all bets on a singular event. Implementing techniques like flat betting, where consistent amounts are wagered on each bet, or utilising the Kelly Criterion, a strategy to determine optimal bet sizes based on your bankroll and betting odds, can be advantageous. Through prudent bankroll management, one can mitigate risks, thereby prolonging the potential for successful betting opportunities.

Research and Analysis Before Placing Bets

Conducting thorough research and analysis is pivotal in devising a successful betting strategy. Before placing any wagers, you must thoroughly study the teams, individual players, or specific events you intend to bet upon. This involves scrutinising their historical performances, present-day form, prevailing conditions of play, injury updates, and other pertinent variables that could influence the final result. Factors like the advantage of playing at home, the synergy within the team, and recent patterns should also be considered. By meticulously collecting and evaluating such data, one can make well-founded decisions, enhancing the likelihood of achieving favourable outcomes.

Tips to Select The Best Online Betting Sites for Sports

Always go with a reliable and reputable sportsbook

When it comes to sports betting, it’s important to ensure that you choose the reliable and reputable Singapore online betting sites. You want to make sure that the online casino site is secure and has a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction. You should also check if the sports betting Singapore site is licensed and regulated by a recognized authority. Read through all the terms and conditions of the online casino sites before you proceed for selection.

Additionally, make sure to read reviews and check out online forums to see what other bettors have to say about the sportsbook Singapore site. These reviews can be extremely helpful in assessing the trustworthiness of a sportsbook and ensuring that your Singapore sports betting experience is secure and enjoyable.

Consider User Interface and User Experience

When selecting a Singapore sports betting or sportsbook Singapore platform, it is important to check out the user experience and interface. A good Singapore sports betting site should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, with a clear and intuitive layout.

The website should be mobile-friendly and optimised for all devices, offering a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. Additionally, the site should feature up-to-date data and statistics, along with an array of betting options. Finally, the website should provide timely and multiple options of customer support such as 24/7 live chat, WeChat, WhatsApp and more.

Look for different payment and withdrawal options

When choosing sports betting in Singapore, make sure it provides a good range of payment methods. Look for reputable credit cards or debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, online bank transfers, as well as e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Some sportsbooks also accept cryptocurrencies, so make sure to check if this is an option. Additionally, check to see if there are any fees associated with deposits or withdrawals, as well as any minimum or maximum amounts allowed.

You should also be sure to check the withdrawal processing times. Ideally, you want a sportsbook that processes withdrawals quickly and efficiently. That way, you can enjoy your winnings without having to wait too long. Finally, take the time to read reviews and customer feedback about the site’s credibility when it comes to withdrawals. This can give you an indication of how trustworthy the sportsbook Singapore is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sport betting legal in Singapore?

Sports betting has been regulated and legal in Singapore since 1968 when Singapore Pools was established. If you are looking forward to engaging in sports betting, you can access Singapore Pools or some other foreign betting sites in Singapore.

Can I place a wager on a foreign sporting event in Singapore?

In Singapore, you may place bets on international sporting events. Numerous international sporting events and leagues are available to wager on at the majority of Singapore sports betting websites.

Which sports may I wager on in Singapore?

You may place bets on a variety of sports at best betting sites, including e-sports, cricket, basketball, football, and basketball.

Which sportsbook website is reliable in Singapore?

Singapore Pools must be the most trusted sportsbook provider in Singapore as the organisation is owned by the government. If you are looking for bonuses that could boost your winning in sports betting, there are top betting sites such as BK8, me88 available online in Singapore.

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